Quinta Jardins do Lago - Madeira island

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  • Quinta Jardins dio Lago - Madeira island
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Our splendid botanical gardens with more than 500 different species of plants are unique in their variety and natural beauty.

With an area of 2.5 hectares full of wonderful examples of rare species and old trees as well as many colourful and delicate flowers. The flora of 'Quinta Jardins do Lago' is such a rich and diverse collection that it can rival any good botanical gardens.


The garden has a fantastic collection of centenary trees, such as Dracaena draco from Madeira, Syncarpia glomulifera from Australia, Cinnamomum camphora from China/Japan, as well as many other fantastic varieties from all over the world as the Jacaranda mimosifolia from Brazil, Pandanus útilis and Revenala madagasceriensis from Madagascar.


Many of the trees in this Madeiran Quinta were planted since the early eighteen-century. 


The different owners of this Quinta always kept contact with various Botanical Gardens worldwide and invested lots of love and time improving these relaxing and colourful gardens which for 47 years have been the home of “Colombo”, the Quinta`s giant tortoise.

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